We Are Writing

Hey everyone Jay here,

As it is very clear 2020 is going to be full of nothing. We have come to terms that we can't control what's going on so we have decided to take advantage of the situation and start writing the next record. We have lots of ideas brewing and have been working remotely with each other, meeting personal studios taking precautions, and finally have been able to go back into our rehearsal space to work on ideas.

In this time we have also thought about the sound, and themes, and direction we wanted to take as a band. In this process we had to make a tough decision as well, We have parted ways with our bassist David Warne. We thank him for all of his contributions and loyalty to the band. We wish him the best on his future endeavors.

As we press on we will be adding someone along the way but we are taking our time and do not want to rush it.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased, streamed, listened to The Grief. We appreciate all the support.


Jay Middleton

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